Epoxy Coating Repair & Concrete Floor Repair

At Dreamcoat Flooring, we only use the highest quality, industrial grade floor coatings products that are carefully installed with precise industry specific techniques during all of our customer’s projects, both large and small. However, we often do repair work for homeowners and businesses who have tried doing it themselves or have hired a non concrete coating specialist before. We offer a wide variety of epoxy flooring color options and designs, and we are always up for a challenge, so if you can’t find the exact color you’re looking for, let us know and we can custom design something just for you!

Store Epoxies vs Contractor Epoxy Coating:

There are a wide variety of do-it-yourself  concrete epoxy coatings available  for new floor coatings or repair kits from the big box stores, some of the most easily recognized being Seal-crete and Rustoleum. Unfortunately, these products have proven to miss the mark when it comes to durability and reliability. This is because not all products are the same and not all surfaces react the same way to these ‘one size fits all’ products.

This can result in an uneven coating, or staining and painting that starts to degrade and peel fairly quickly. In some cases, choosing an inferior do-it-yourself product in an attempt to save money, can ultimately cost you more in the long run, considering your concrete floor will inevitably need this do-it-yourself epoxy coating removed and your concrete resurfaced in order to create and produce the floor of your dreams. Preparation is the key.

Removing Bad Epoxies from the Concrete:

Once you have tried the do-it-yourself concrete coating repair  products and methods of treating your concrete flooring, you’re going to need professional help to remove the coatings, even out the cracks and resurface your concrete in order to get your floors in shape for a professional application that will last for years.

Preparation is important:

Preparing a surface for a concrete epoxy coating takes much more than just a good sweeping. Depending on the type and condition of the existing concrete surface, will ultimately determine the amount of prep needed to accommodate your new concrete epoxy coating.

Special Equipment and Experienced Professionals:

Our highly trained staff takes great care when preparing your surface for your new concrete epoxy floor coating, because we understand the importance of proper surface preparation, for without it, the quality of our materials won’t matter. Our professionals are also equipped with high end, commercial diamond coated finishing equipment which ensures your concrete has the best surface possible for maximum adherence during the application of our high quality products. Discover the Dreamcoat Difference!

Our experienced and skilled concrete flooring technicians are standing by to answer all your questions about your concrete epoxy coating repair or epoxy coating removal project. Achieve the floors of your dreams!

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