3 Easy Steps to Transform Your Garage into a Dream Garage

A garage is not just a place where you park your car; it also is an extension of your home. It almost works like a separate and a covered room that can be used for various works. Big or small it is an extension that can be made into your dream garage.

While taking a walk just the other day, I happened to peak into my neighbor’s garage. I was blown away by the fact that it could well be your living room, kept as spic and span as one would dream to think of. Coming home, it was almost a silent resolution to do up mine and completely change it to the dream space that I have always wanted. Much to my amazement I realized that three simple steps could totally transform the look of any garage.

3 Easy Steps to Transform Your Garage

1. Small or big, keep it clutter free. Do not use your garage as a dumping zone for unused or old stuff. No harm in doing it, but do it in a more organized way. Pack it up, label it and stack it on the shelves. It also helps when you need to locate things at a later date.

2. A garage is wonderful if it has built-in storage cabinets. You can opt for vinyl cabinets or firm wooden ones. The help to stack unwanted and excess stuff around the house, with an advantage of it being covered. The space most certainly looks more organized and clean, and therefore leaves you with more space to use it as you want it. I have seen some use it as a work space that works wonderfully with the benefit of natural light steaming in when the shutters are open.

3. Last but most importantly, the complete look of the garage changes with an epoxy floor coating. Instead of leaving a floor with unsightly tire marks, chips and cracks, a uniformly epoxy coating gives your floor a plush and a well maintained look. It is easy and economical to have epoxy flooring done as it proves to be a great value for money in the long run. Dreamcoat Flooring can do it and help transform your space into an ultimate dream garage!

by Dreamcoat Flooring Blog