Phoenix garage floor coatings

Best 3 Garage Floor Coating Options in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix garage floor coatings not only improve the appearance of your floor, they actually make it safer. By protecting the floor from spills, these floor coatings may prevent falls. Floor coatings make the garage floor easier to clean and protect the material underneath to keep your garage in great shape.

Explore common types of garage floor coatings to decide what material is best for your situation and whether to do the task yourself or hire a Phoenix flooring professional.

Garage Floor Tiles


Interlocking floor tiles are easy for homeowners to install on their own. These products simple cover up the existing floor, adding style as well as protection. Since you can select a range of patterns or colors for tiles and floor mats, you can really transform the look of your garage with these budget-friendly products.

However, you do get what you pay for and these are the cheapest garage flooring options. Floor tiles made from plastic won’t protect against spills or slips. They don’t make the garage safer, and they don’t last very long.

Garage Floor Mats

Floor mats can be a more durable pick. Crafted from rubber or vinyl, these are easy to install. Just place the mats on the floor and you’re done. However, these mats aren’t stain resistant and the cost of adding mats throughout the entire garage the cost adds up. For the money, there might be a better option.

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Garage Floors Phoenix

Epoxy flooring transforms a dull garage floor into something sleek, shiny, and non-slip. The epoxy material resists moisture and staining as well. To get the true benefits of an epoxy flooring, you’ll want to work with a professional. The do-it-yourself kits marketed to homeowners contain a low-quality product that won’t really deliver on the benefits of epoxy floor coatings. Home kits lack a protective top coat, which means the epoxy you just put down may wind up peeling within the year.

If you really want to protect your Phoenix area garage, your best bet is to hire the pros at Dreamcoat Flooring to install an epoxy coating. Their coatings last around 15 years as long as you maintain them yearly. Plus, they, add durability and non-slip protection to the garage floor, and enhance the appearance and value of your home.

Each of the materials has their use cases, so think about what you need and what you can afford at present. Floor mats are a convenient do-it-yourself option if you’re renting a home since you can take them with you, for instance. Once you understand the pros and cons of different garage floor coatings, you can determine what material best fits your needs and budget.

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