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5 Common Misconceptions about Epoxy Floor Coatings

Using epoxy floor coatings in your garage can help it stay dry and clean while providing added insulation to help reduce energy costs by keeping the temperature of the garage more even throughout the year. However, many people are under the impression that epoxy garage floor coatings aren’t ideal because they’re too slippery or because they won’t withstand water damage well enough to be used on garage floors. Here are five common misconceptions about epoxy floor coatings and why these misperceptions are wrong.

Epoxy Can be Installed as a DIY Job

Like other floor coatings, garage epoxy floor coating in Gilbert should be installed by a professional. Simply adding it to your garage floor without specialized training and experience can actually cause damage to your garage. Furthermore, there are many options when choosing an epoxy coating that requires professional oversight.

Epoxy Isn’t Used Outside

With these amazing benefits, you might think that epoxy is just for garages. It’s not! Epoxy floor coatings can be used outside under a carport or even in an enclosed patio because they are long-lasting and come in different colors and textures. They are perfect for industrial settings as well since they are made to last. You can even use epoxy flooring on your boat’s deck!

Paint Provides the Same Results as Epoxy

The results paint provides aren’t the same as epoxy. Paint is essentially a sealant, which creates a very smooth and hard finish, but it doesn’t last nearly as long as epoxy. Paint will still protect your garage flooring from chips and scrapes, but it won’t provide the same protection against UV rays as epoxy does.

Epoxy isn’t only more effective than paint at protecting your garage flooring, it also looks better. The hard surface that epoxy provides means you can be sure that you have plenty of durability to withstand scratches and other damage caused by everyday wear and tear. If you want a nice-looking garage with plenty of strength to back up its good looks, consider using an epoxy coating on your concrete floors instead of painting them.

Epoxy Looks Good Only in Industrial Style Buildings

Many people think epoxy only looks good in industrial-style buildings. It is true that epoxy works very well in these types of locations, but it can also be used for industrial and commercial applications as well. If you’re considering garage epoxy flooring in Gilbert, rest assured that it will look good even if your home or business is not an industrial-style building.

Installing Epoxy is Expensive

Some people believe that because epoxy is a premium floor coating, it costs a premium to install. Truth be told, if you shop around and find a good garage epoxy flooring contractor, you can get top-of-the-line epoxy for a great price. If you find someone specializing in epoxy flooring, you can get some of your money back down the road with reduced maintenance costs.

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