Choosing the Right Color for Your Garage Floor

It’s been a while since your home has gotten an in-depth cleaning, and it’s time to make your way through the rooms. Maybe you’ve been wanting to redecorate and repair your home from the ground up for a while now. Naturally, you possibly began the cleaning process by removing the dust from ceiling fans, and scrubbing down the walls. Eventually you move on to vacuuming the carpet, and spend a long time using a deep cleaning solution to remove any stains that it may contain. After many more tasks, you have completed the cleaning inside of the house.

The next step is to clean your garage, as you may have many boxes full of junk scattered about in the large room. During the process of consolidating your stored possessions, you may have noticed that the floor in your garage looks grungy and extremely unattractive because of all the oil stains and dirt that has collected over the years. So you begin the painstaking process of scrubbing the garage floor with chemicals that send your allergies into overdrive, burn your eyes, and make it a bit difficult to breathe without a hacking cough. Once the process is complete you are quick to decide that you never want to work that hard to clean your garage floor again, it is time to have your garage floor coated with epoxy.

You begin to search around for a local business that can do the epoxy job for you while offering a large selection of colors to choose from. Perhaps you would like to keep the ground a traditional color such as cement gray, or perhaps an adobe brick color would perfectly compliment the color of your garage cabinets. Since all of the basic colors look so good, you know that you need to keep your selection neutral.

As you look further into the color selections, you begin to realize that flat colors are only the beginning. Blended color chips are quickly introduced, ranging in colors anywhere from a deep earth blend, a green warm tropic, to a blue cool ice. Metallic colors become an option, with colors such as: cappuccino, sterling, pearl, caribbean blue, or even a merlot. Perhaps you would like for your garage floor to appear rugged and look into an acid stain color. Acid stain colors include: green, buckskin, blue, cola, walnut, and a reddish-brown color by the name of uber. The final style is a quartz style ranging in colors anywhere from blacks, to reds.

As you may have noticed, there are so many choices and you may want to put some serious thought into choosing the right color. Contact Dream Coat Flooring to receive a consultation with a sales representative, who can certainly help you choose the right color for your garage floor.

by Dreamcoat Flooring Blog