Worn out, ugly, or damaged concrete floors? When making home improvements, the concrete spaces in the home are often ignored. At Dreamcoat Flooring, we will focus on providing unique and affordable solutions to protect and beautify your space! Our professionals use industry-leading materials for concrete coatings in Phoenix Arizona  — Our detailed 5 stage process for epoxy coatings will protect your floor from dirt, all types of liquids and fluids, salt, and more. Plus they enhance the look of your garage floors, retail shops, patios, (and more!) for years to come.

Looking for a more modern, new brand-new look? At Dreamcoat Flooring, we offer concrete flooring coatings in Phoenix that can drastically improve the look of your concrete surfaces, such as garages, patios, showrooms, driveways, and more. Our wide range of concrete flooring solutions include,

Concrete Coatings Phoenix Arizona – Our Difference

Our high-quality concrete coatings will transform your concrete spaces from dull to fun and attractive. We have a variety of colors and finishes, including 24 standard solid colors, 16 granite, and terrazzo colors, plus state-of-the-art metallic epoxy! We can also customize the color, texture, and finish of our coating products to suit your taste and budget.

With almost 20 years of creating epoxy coatings all over the Valley, you can rest assured that you will be happy with a Dreamcoat Floor! We specialize in new installations, concrete coating replacement, epoxy coating removals, and even stained concrete! Our professionals are licensed, insured, and bonded to provide unique concrete coating solutions that offer full satisfaction for years to come.

High-quality Commercial and Residential Concrete Coating Solutions

At Dreamcoat Flooring, we will provide you a superior installation of concrete coatings for either your residential or commercial space. We use fast curing, advanced polyurea formulas that dry quickly and look great. Moreover, these coatings can be applied in high and low temperatures in any season. Our premium-grade materials and process create inviting patterns for commercial and residential concrete spaces, including Showrooms, Warehouses, Airport Hangars, Clinics, Office Suites, Retail Spaces, Restaurants and Bars, Food Processing, Manufacturing Facilities, Walkways, Driveways, Garages, Pool, and Patio, and more.

So, what are you waiting for? Looking for unmatched style and value on your future floor? We’ve got you covered! Call: 480-818-9792 now to talk to our stained concrete floor contractors Phoenix or request a FREE estimate for concrete coatings today. We serve the Phoenix Metro area and valley-wide.

Looking for durable yet beautiful and easy-to-care floors? Our premium-grade concrete coatings are exclusively designed to protect your floor against weathering, cracking, oil, chemicals, moisture, and other slippery situations.