Create a Man Cave Garage

Man Cave GarageGarages are generally thought of as a place to park your cars or store unused items until they are needed, but their usefulness extends much further. Men across the country spend more time in their garage than they may think whether it be to work on a building project, or to work on their car.

After spending so much time working on things in the garage, why not turn it into your own personal man cave?

The much desired man cave may be rare in many homes because of a lack of space inside of the house, while the garage simply stores cars. By parking your cars in the driveway, you can use the extra space to make a comfortable and dedicated environment just for you.

A man cave garage can grant you an area to do whatever you want without disturbing your family inside of the house.

Ideas for a Man Cave Garage

Workshop – Many men enjoy building things in their spare time.

Home Theater – You can set up an exciting home theater in your man cave to give you the viewing experience you get at movie theaters, or watch sports on a big screen like you would at a sports bar.

Mini Bar – Create a pub-like atmosphere by building a small bar in your man cave with a pool table, barstools, sound system, and tv.

Band Practice Space – Turn your man cave garage into your own recording studio or practice space by adding sound treatment to the walls and setting up equipment for recording.

Whatever your vision of a perfect man cave garage may be, there are a few luxuries that you may want to add such as air conditioning and insulation. It is also a great idea to have the floor coated with an epoxy to make it more presentable and protected from spills. Contact a sales representative at Dream Coat Flooring to begin adding the perfect floor coat to your garage.

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