Diamond Grinding – Restore Smoothness to Your Floor

Diamond Grinding – Restore Smoothness to Your Floor

Do you think protecting your concrete with an epoxy coat is enough to achieve the beauty and shine you desire? Then, you are wrong! For a long-lasting professional look, you MUST prepare the concrete surface correctly. Yes, unfortunately, it is not as easy as slapping on paint or using a kit, surface preparation has a significant impact on the final look of your epoxy floor coating in Phoenix AZ!

Preparing the surface of your floor is the absolute must-do step before applying any type of coating on your garage floor epoxy in Phoenix Arizona.

Diamond Grinding

Diamond grinding is the best way to prepare concrete and is what quality epoxy flooring Contractors in Phoenix Arizona, will use for surface preparation. This process helps in removing the coatings, even out the cracks, remove the baked-in stains and grease marks and resurface your concrete your new epoxy coating will be in tip-top shape that will last for years. Industrial-grade concrete grinders should always be used since they are the tools needed to grind your concrete down

Reasons to Choose Diamond Grinding

  • Diamond grinding doesn’t produce any pits and valleys, high spots and low spots on the concrete flooring surface.
  • This method is gentle and opens up the pores without causing concerns along the way.
  • It provides a uniform floor surface and provides a better finishing that’s more attractive.
  • It doesn’t damage the concrete or create any imperfections.
  • It’s easy to do.
  • Diamond grinding removes dirt, grease, and industrial contaminants.
  • It brings out the natural beauty of any type of concrete and makes it look fresh and new.

At Dreamcoat Flooring, our professionals are equipped with the most high-end, commercial diamond-coated finishing equipment around to ensure our customers’ concrete has the best surface possible for maximum adherence so that their floors can look amazing for years to come. Contact us for more information and a free on-site price quote and design consult for your epoxy floor coating in Phoenix AZ.