Epoxy Coating Repair, Removal, and Restoration in Phoenix AZEpoxy Coating Repair, Removal, and Restoration in Phoenix AZ

Is your residential or commercial flooring in need of concrete repair or restoration? Get your uneven concrete floors back to normal with our epoxy concrete floor repair in Phoenix. We employ affordably priced, eco-friendly techniques to repair and restore concrete floors of your residential or commercial property.

At Dreamcoat Flooring, we use only the highest quality and industrial-grade floor coating products and top-notch techniques for all our customer projects. We employ state-of-the-art replacement techniques using industrial diamond grinders to fix worn out or problematic concrete epoxy coating. 

Epoxy Coating Repair and Overlay Removal Service in Phoenix AZ

Tried DIY to repair concrete epoxy coating and couldn’t achieve the desired result? Aren’t you happy with the service offered by a low-quality concrete flooring company? Don’t fret!

Our licensed and certified professionals get your floors back in shape by grinding and polishing, a professional application that lasts for years.

Grinding and Polishing – Epoxy Floor Coating in Phoenix AZ

Concrete grinding and polishing is a process of smoothing down the rough concrete surface to reveal a shiny surface. This process makes use of heavy-duty grinding machines to produce a higher shines and smoothness. During the final stages of grinding and polishing, a polishing compound is applied to give an additional sheen to the floor.

Surface Preparation

Preparation of the floor surface is the initial state of grinding and polishing and takes more than just a good sweeping. The amount of preparation of the surface depends on the type and condition of the existing epoxy floor coating Phoenix AZ. We use high-grade industrial grinders that grind your concrete down to remove all layers and chips so you can get a better coating. We focus more on this project to deliver amazing results for your customers.

Special Concrete Grinding Equipment

We understand the importance of surface preparation (this is the most important part of the process)and use high-end, commercial diamond-coated finishing equipment to ensure your concrete has the best surface possible for maximum adherence during the application of our high-quality products.

We use upright grinders that are heavier and aggressive than swing machines or Floor Polishers. Our machines grind down the concrete, remove coatings, and polish the surface better than anything in the industry.  They are 4 head JS 10hp grinder 220 3phase and have an iron horse 15 hp 25 inches. The vacuums are all HEPA filtered. They are available in different sizes for different jobs.

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Do you offer epoxy coating repair in Phoenix AZ?

It depends. Often times, if you need your epoxy repaired, it means that it was not done right the first time, or the products used were not quality ones.  This means, that repairs will not last and you probably need a new epoxy coating laid, the old epoxy removed, and the concrete fixes.   The best thing is to call us and we can tell you in person or over the phone what you should do next.

Why should I hire professionals to fix uneven epoxy resin?

It’s too hard to do it yourself!   You will need expensive equipment and industrial-grade products to even get close to having long-lasting floors.  Almost all  DIY floors we see for epoxy coating repair in Phoenix AZ, are due to people buying DIY epoxy kits or hiring noncontractors to do their floors which almost always result in the bad finish. When you hire professionals, they have the required expertise (a mixture of creativity and precision) and the right tools.

Why do you use diamond grinding for epoxy floor coating in Phoenix AZ?

At Dreamcoat Flooring, we use diamond grinding for epoxy floor coating because,

  • It doesn’t cause micro-fracturing in the top of the concrete floor.
  • It does not leave blasting row lines, which can be visually apparent in the finished, decorate floor coating.
  • It removes the coatings faster and with less mess than other blasting options.
  • It creates a better, smoother layer of concrete which makes the coatings last longer

Are epoxy floor coating waterproof?

Yes, all epoxy floor coating in Phoenix AZ is waterproof. Epoxy provides a shield against water and the subsequent degradation it can cause. We use high-quality epoxy products that create a barrier against spills of all kinds, including abrasive and caustic chemicals.

Can I epoxy-coat surfaces other than concrete?

Not recommended. Concrete epoxy coatings need something hard and porous like concrete to stick.  At Dreamcoat Flooring, our professionals will take off the tile, old coating, and even out the concrete in order to make the epoxy long lasting.  Our team is licensed and certified to handle the work involved!  There is a reason that we have repeat customers all over the Valley – in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills ,Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert,  Mesa,  Glendale, Peoria, Sun City, Avondale, Maricopa, and more.