Epoxy Flooring For Practical Uses in Phoenix Metro

One of the more common themes for homeowners in Phoenix is utilizing their garage space for functions other than just parking their car or storing items. It isn’t uncommon for people to turn their garage into a large home office, a fully functional gym, or a workspace to work on hobbies. Whatever the intended use is, often times factory garage floors are aesthetically unpleasing and have some expected wear and tear. If you are considering turning your garage floor into something other than its intended purpose, this article will be perfect for helping you understand the best route to go.

Epoxy flooring is hands down the best way to give you that polished look, while also retaining a better functional use as well. Let’s say you wanted to turn your garage into home theatre. It would look terrible if a factory floor was used and would probably turn people off from wanting to be in there for too long. Common for garage floors that have not had any work done is oil spills, omitting dangerous and unpleasant smells, defects, and also a rough surface. The solution you ask? Epoxy flooring covers up defects and gives it that smooth and polished look that you’re used to seeing at car shows. While epoxy flooring may have a poor resistance to UV rays, this wouldn’t be a problem if your garage is inside. The other plus side is that the epoxy flooring, depending on usage, can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years—which is a worthwhile investment when it also comes to retaining value in your home. It should be advised however if you’re using epoxy for a garage floor, to stay away from water-borne epoxy coatings, as they tend to be weaker.