What is Epoxy Flooring & Why So Popular?

An epoxy floor is a flooring system that is made up of two main components: resins and hardeners.  These two components are mixed together, creating a chemical reaction that forms a rigid plastic material that is incredibly strong.  When a floor is referred to as being ‘epoxy’ it means the layers of material that coat the floor’s surface are at least 2 millimeters thick. Any epoxy that is less than 2 millimeters thick is known as ‘floor coating’.

For the Epoxy Flooring for Garage in Phoenix AZlongest time, Epoxy floor coatings were primarily used in industrial environments due to its strength, resistance to degradation and easy cleaning.  However, more and more homeowners are beginning to discover the benefits of having epoxy flooring over standard concrete or tile, and are having epoxy installed in various places throughout their homes.  

Most homeowners have epoxy flooring put in their garages, basements, or kitchens, due to their heavy traffic and need for easy clean-up.  Outside the home, we are treating residential floors such as patios, decks, and other outdoor entertaining areas with epoxy coatings.


If you are interested in having your garage, driveway or patio treated with epoxy, here are a couple things to pay attention to:

  • UV Light.  If you’ve ever seen an epoxy floor that’s turned yellow, you can thank UV light for that.  The UV rays degrade the polymers that make up the epoxy, turning them yellow.  While you can treat the epoxy with anti-UV additives, most of these will only last for a few months before they will be worn out and degraded, allowing the epoxy to yellow.  If you are planning to use epoxy on an outdoor surface, you will want to either use a specialized bond coating to protect against UV light, or use the epoxy as part of a darker colored stain so any yellowing will be masked.


  • Traction.  Once epoxy is poured and set, it can become very slippery.  This is especially dangerous around patios or other areas that frequently get wet or are exposed to moisture.  If you are planning to apply epoxy to a patio or other area that may be exposed to moisture, we suggest  adding gravel or other textured components to the epoxy in order to add traction.

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