Epoxy Terrazzo – A Timeless Trend with a New Outlook

Epoxy Terrazzo – A Timeless Trend with a New Outlook

Expect the unexpected when operating a commercial building. From the moving carts to accidents from children at play, there are numerous concerns that you must address when it comes to commercial floors. A regular flooring material will not be the right choice if you are planning on floors that withstand heavy foot traffic, spills, and other accidents. So, what would be an ideal flooring option for your commercial building? A terrazzo epoxy has become one of the popular industrial floor coatings these days for its durability and low maintenance features.

Commercial epoxy floor contractors recommend thin-set epoxy terrazzo as they are non-porous and resist water, chemicals, and debris from penetrating the floor, eliminating the risk of mold or bacteria buildup.

Benefits of Terrazzo Epoxy

  • The glossy terrazzo epoxy is durable, crack-resistant, cost-effective, and quicker to install than other flooring options. So, if you are considering epoxy flooring for a warehouse or other commercial units, you can go with terrazzo
  • Terrazzo epoxy has a quick turn-around time as it takes only a couple days to
  • It’s smooth, seamless, and non-porous. Hence it’s easier to clean and maintain. This makes it an ideal flooring solution for high-traffic areas such as schools, airports, and
  • Terrazzo epoxy is affordable Pricing for Terrazzo finishes is less than a granite full chip, and costs a bit more than solid epoxy floors, comes in a variety of color options, and repels moisture.
  • Unlike other standard tile products, this flooring option is very trendy, has an amazing glossy finish, and can be customized to suit your needs and
  • Terrazzo styled epoxy is eco-friendly and does not cause any damage to the environment. It can be fabricated to match decorative ceiling tiles, company logos, and

Want to know more about terrazzo epoxy? Talk to one of the top rated Arizona commercial epoxy floor contractors now to learn more about it, and get help choosing the right type of epoxy flooring to transform the look of your building.