Epoxy Garage Flooring Vs. Polyaspartic Polyureas Coatings

You may have noticed that the concrete on your garage floor always appears dirty. You frequently notice oil stains, and you have found that you need to clean the concrete every few months. The problem is, that cleaning the concrete surface of a garage floor is no simple task. The process of cleaning your garage floor is tedious, often taking an entire day to follow the steps of thoroughly sweeping the surface to remove dirt and dust. You then need to spray the surface so you can be sure that the dirt is removed. Eventually you need to spend hours scrubbing the surface with harsh chemicals, which are hazardous to your health. Naturally, this process becomes tiresome, and you look into a potential solution to make the cleaning process more simple. You need to have your garage floor coated and sealed.

Epoxy Coating

What is Epoxy Coating? Epoxy coatings are a common choice for those who grow tired of the hassle of scrubbing their garage floors to remove stains, and resist chemical damage. An epoxy coating of a garage floor is generally a great choice to prevent skidding while being driven on, eliminate the possibility of permanent stains, prevent moisture, and to give your garage floor an attractive appearance. The down side is the fact that many things can go wrong while you apply the epoxy coating. The coating may not set properly or have a weak bond if there is any oil or dust on the untreated surface, and it takes a long time for the epoxy to dry and bond to the floor.

Polyaspartic Pollyureas Coating

What is Polyaspartic Polyureas Coating?Another option to coat your garage floor is a polyaspartic polyureas coating. Polyaspartic polyureas coatings are generally a clear coat that covers a flat surface. It can be applied to stained and colored concrete without having an obvious appearance. It can be successfully applied in very humid climates, and within very high temperatures up to 140 degrees fahrenheit. Another positive quality of a polyaspartic polyureas coating is that once the coating cures, it becomes waterproof.

Both options are a great choice, as they both offer great protection and assure a simpler cleaning process. An epoxy coating is a bit more attractive because it can be created to have a texture such as imitating the appearance of stone. An epoxy coating also offers more complex epoxy patterns and color designs than a polyaspartic polyureas coating. Be sure to speak to a professional to help you choose which garage floor coating is the best option for your home.

by Dreamcoat Flooring Blog