Garage Door Design & Ideas

garage doorsAdding character to a home has been a major point of focus for homeowners across the country. Modern home design focuses on improved functionality, quality, and beauty to add an impressive appeal to houses which not only pleases the residents, but increases the overall value of their home. While many people begin the process of home improvement in their kitchens and bathrooms, rooms such as garages are beginning to become new hotspots to improve appearance and quality. There is a good chance that you have upgraded your garage with our cabinets or attractive floor coatings, which is why you should take this space to the next level by getting rid of your boring aluminum door. Today we are going to mention a few garage door design and ideas to help you make this room and home exterior more attractive.

Wood Garage Doors

Wood garage doors are becoming the new standard for homes across the nation. Rustic or contemporary wooden doors can have simple or complex design to give your home more personality. Add arched windows to your wood garage door to increase the overall appeal while allowing natural light to shine in this room.

Arched Garage Doors

Rectangular garage doors are the most common shape across the nation, but remodeling the structure by adding an arched garage entrance is beginning to become popular. Brick and stone are the most common borders for arched garage entrances, and wood or steel doors of a country style which open horizontally add an impressive architectural style to your home which is guaranteed to impress anyone.

Modern Style Garage Doors

Does your home exterior feature modern design? Modern style garage doors are often constructed of a steel or aluminum frame with frosted glass as the main feature of the door. These doors will complete the theme of modern design for your home exterior.

The options for your garage door design are nearly endless. It is a great idea to look for garage door design and ideas in luxury home magazines or speak to a professional home designer to find the best door for your home. Careful design consideration will complete this room and home exterior, giving your home an elegant appearance.

by Dreamcoat Flooring Blog