Epoxy Garage Floor in Gilbert AZ - Give Your Garage Floor a Complete Makeover

Epoxy Garage Floor in Gilbert AZ

Do you want to transform your garage from drab to fab? Maybe you are wanting top dollar for your home sale and trying to spruce it up affordably? At Dreamcoat Flooring, we are equipped to tackle your biggest home improvement project. Whether you are looking for an inexpensive yet very attractive flooring option that’s easy to clean or maintain and show off, an epoxy garage floor in Gilbert AZ, is the right option!

As one of the leading epoxy flooring contractors in Gilbert AZ, we offer high quality, low maintenance solutions for garage epoxy flooring throughout Gilbert and the rest of Phoenix Metro. Our Gilbert Epoxy Coating company utilizes only top quality products and installation methods that meet industrial standards.Besides providing installation services, we also help you pick out the right colors and floor finishes from our diverse options. Our epoxy finishes are available in more than 24 standard solid colors, as well as 16 granite and terrazzo colors, metallic epoxies plus, we create custom-designed solutions too!

Why Choose Epoxy Garage Floor in Gilbert, AZ?

We install the highest-grade two-component epoxy flooring, polyurethane, and polyuria - polyaspartic floor coating in different color and style options. Garage epoxy flooring in Gilbert AZ is moisture-resistant, durable, and has high-resistance to chipping and impacts. This type of flooring offers extreme resistance to chemicals and stains such as oil, brake fluid, anti-freeze, dust, grime, and more.

Epoxy garage floor in Gilbert AZ is easy to maintain, and spills can be wiped off easily. We also add textured components to the epoxy garage floor coating to achieve anti-skid properties.

Our garage epoxy flooring solutions in Gilbert, AZ can be made using our traditional industrial graded coatings, which takes somewhere between 2-4 days, or you may choose to go with our faster drying polyaspartic polyurea coatings that install in a couple of days. The polyaspartic polyurea coatings conceal minor and major concrete imperfections such as surface cracks, tire marks, pitting, and breaks.

Since we are a fully licensed and bonded epoxy coating contractor, we can create and install Solid color and Full-chip epoxies, Faux Quartz, Granite epoxy flooring, Polyaspartic floor coatings, Metallic epoxy, and Metallic flake epoxy, Commercial Coatings, Industrial Coatings, Polyurethane coatings, as well as do acid stained concrete and quicker-dry epoxy coating polyurea applications. Our epoxy garage coating not only enhances the appearance of your garage but protects your concrete floors against weathering, cracking, oil, chemical, and moisture.

If you are searching for ‘top-quality epoxy floor coatings near me,’ don’t regret to choose Dreamcoat Flooring! Call 480-226-4172 for a FREE consultation and quote.