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Dreamcoat Flooring is a go-to source for high-quality epoxy flooring in Mesa AZ for industrial, residential, and commercial customers. With streamlined attention to detail to the installation process, our professionals install new epoxy floors that give an enhanced look to your garage or other spaces of your building. Our specialized team members have a thorough understanding of the process that goes into epoxy flooring installation and provide  quality service that is second to none. Our dedicated team installs only the finest floors and completes the project with flawless execution.


Epoxy Garage Flooring in Mesa AZ – Go from Bland to Extra Ordinary

Whether it’s a single-family garage or a large commercial parking garage, installing epoxy flooring is an ideal solution for your garage. It not only enhances the appearance of your garage but also resists damages from dropped tools, gas and oil spills, vehicle traffic, and more. Moreover, applying epoxy floor coating in Mesa AZ, makes it easier for you to clean and dust the garage.

At Dreamcoat Flooring, our garage floor coating solution offers superior results and resistance, unlike any other flooring options. Applying our  proprietary, custom-designed epoxy floor coatings can protect your garage floor from chemical stains, surface abrasion, or chipping. In addition to providing a smooth and shining surface, garage epoxy flooring in Mesa AZ also maintains the durability of the floor year after year.

Why Epoxy Floor Coating?

Epoxy is a thick resin made out of resin and hardeners to create a resistant material that protects against chipping and other damages. This tough and durable material is guaranteed to protect your floors and provide a new look to your business instead of a dirty, cracked concrete garage.

How Do Do We Differ?

Our epoxy flooring contractors in Mesa AZ, install the traditional epoxy coatings for your garage in two to three days, or they use the fast drying polyaspartic polyurea coatings for the installation. This time can be typically longer for businesses, depending on the area. We use only the highest quality products for all our residential and commercial projects. Our garage floor coatings use only industrial-grade epoxies, polyurethanes, and polyaspartic polyureas.   

As certified professionals, we strive to display the best quality of work possible. We have years of expertise in designing and installing high-grade epoxy flooring in Mesa AZ for residential and commercial customers. One of the greatest challenges of installing epoxy coating is the time taken to complete the project. We take pride in providing two-day installations for residential garages and two to three for commercial garages days (or more for large industrial garages).

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Are epoxy floors suitable for residential environments?

Installing epoxy flooring will thrill any homeowner. Our floors make life simpler since they are easy to clean and have better wear and tear than carpet and engineered wood floors.  Plus, the different designs and colors allow homeowners to create homes that reflect their personality. Residential epoxy flooring in Mesa AZ is one of the most cost-effective and simplest choices you can make for yourself and your house.

Is the epoxy floor slippery?

This is one of the most common reasons people like our epoxy coatings! Many other types of flooring can be dangerous. Our epoxy coatings have skid-resistant properties, and we design the coating with textures that will definitely reduce accidents.

How should I maintain the epoxy floor in good condition?

To keep your epoxy floor coating in Mesa AZ. in good condition, sweep the floor every few weeks to remove debris. Light mopping with regular soap and water is also helpful. Avoid deep cleaning with harsh chemicals to preserve the top layers of the epoxy coating finishes. We also suggest avoiding any type of  acidic cleansers.

How long does it take to install a garage epoxy floor?

Each situation varies. If it’s a 1 or 2 car garage, the design is less involved, and the weather is right, we can do your floor in a matter of a day or two! If your project is larger or you want a custom looking for your garage floor epoxy Mesa AZ the installation process will take longer- up to several days.

Where can epoxy flooring be installed?

Where can epoxy flooring be installed?