Garage Floor Coatings – advantages vs disadvantages

Garage FLoor Coatings Coatings…What Should You Choose For Your Phoenix Garage?

When it comes to garages, there are  all sorts of flavors! While many people view their garage as a place to park their vehicle and store excess holiday décor, others take a completely different attitude. To some, their garage is a haven, and it’s neatly organized with proper storage units and shelving. Other homeowners use their garage as extra living space for the at-home gym, museum for their classic cars, or a hobby room. Whichever camp you fall in regarding your garage, you  still need to deal with the biggest issue surrounding that area of your home, how to deal with the ugly concrete garage floor.

After years of use, the typical Arizona garage starts showing ugly signs of oil, dirt, and even cracks. However, did you know that there are ways to help alleviate and even prevent further cracks and oil stains…and help make your garage floor stand out—regardless how you use it?

Garage floor coatings have come a long way in the last ten years or so, with many different options to choose from. Epoxy floor coatings (sometimes referred as our 1 day polyaspartic floor coatings) are known as of one the most popular and cost effective garage coatings found in Phoenix. While epoxy coatings can be tricky to apply, they offer great benefits. Plus these types of coatings give homeowners the flexibility of having many different designs and colors while having the ease of a floor that cleans well. Furthermore, epoxy coatings are often the best option to help generate an even surface.

Garage coatings can have several different design options too.DSC01578 You can choose from a wide variety of colors as well as have the option to include metallic finishes to bring a luster to your otherwise dull garage floor. Also, if you’re going for a way to extend your home living space, you may want to add a pattern by choosing several different colors. Doing so can create a sense style while creating a cool space out of your garage. One of the favorite methods to show off a garage is by creating checkered patterns on the garage floor.

Want an easy maintenance floor?

Even if you plan on keeping your vehicle parked in your garage, and beauty is less important to you- the type of epoxy we use in our garage floor coatings allows for much easier cleaning and maintenance!

  • Step 1:Simply use a dust mop and sweep away the debris.
  • Step 2: Vacuum out any flooring joints that you may have in in your floor.
  • Step 3: Mop the entire floor with hot water and ammonia or vinegar. You may also use other floor cleaners, but check first to ensure that your epoxy epoxy can withstand chemicals. Our epoxies are industrial contractor grade, able to withstand longer term use. For best results, mop at least once per week if possible.

Looking for style and color in your garage?

Blended colors come in an array of patterns and choices.You can choose from a look of granite or quartz. And just like a countertop, you can select the colors that you wish to blend. Using a blend of colors on a garage floor will help hide any odd issues with your flooring too. Plus, depending on how you’re using your garage, two to three colors may help you coordinate additional items like shelving or tool storage.Get creative with your designs, but our customers often find that its best to choose something that matches your façade and the rest of your home.

Your garage has cracked or ugly concrete?

If you’re fortunate enough to live in a new home, you may not need to worry about an uneven garage floor. For those who have historic homes or houses 10 years or older, which is common in the Valley, your garage concrete has likely settled or is showing cracks. This is why it is so important to hire a professional to do your flooring! Not only will you you’ll save yourself the time and energy of choosing the correct materials to fix your garage concrete; having to mix and prep them;but also specialty concrete coating contractors have industrial specialty machines to fix the cracks, apply specialty coatings, and know the right way to level the floor so your new concrete flooring can look beautiful 10 years or more!

Overall, you’ll find epoxy coatings can help you extend the living space in your home, while creating a beautiful storage space. Take a look at our gallery for some common options or call us over to give you a free in home design consultation. We have plenty of ideas to help you dress up “your husband’s” most beloved area! Call Dreamcoat now at 480-818-9792