Garage Flooring Options

Just as there are many different options for your home flooring, the availability of garage flooring options has increased significantly over recent years. Garage flooring options like epoxy coatings that were once available only in high end designer showrooms or on commercial grade properties are now widely available to homeowners and come in a variety of colors and styles.

Over the years some garage owners have painted their garage floors. There are a wide variety of paint colors to choose from and you can get very creative by painting patterns or designs on your garage floor. But there are limitations to paint as one of your garage flooring options. The normal wear and tear on your garage floor that comes from driving your car in and out of your garage, dragging the garbage cans in and out from the curb, storing lawn and garden tools in the corners, and the bikes and other sports equipment that we often store in our garages will all add to the wear on the paint. What was once fresh and bright can quickly turn dull and dingy.

Tile is another one of the garage flooring options available today, and tile can also add a brightness and fresh look to your garage. With the variety of colors to choose from you can create geometric patterns or frame around key spaces within your garage. If you decide to lay tile in your garage you’ll want to be sure that your flooring is level. Tiles are made to be stuck to your garage floor so if your garage floor is not level the tiles will also not be level.

Mats are another of the many garage flooring options and also have advantages and disadvantages. A full garage mat can be expensive to purchase and install, while a partial mat to cover just part of your garage may offer the garage flooring protection that you need for just that section of your garage and for a lot less money. But perhaps you want more than just a section of your garage floor upgraded?

Epoxy coatings
But by far one of the most admired and durable of your garage flooring options is the epoxy coatings. Epoxy coatings are available today in a wide variety of colors and finishes that match your home and your personal style. Durable and good looking, you can count on epoxy coatings to withstand the test of time. Epoxy coatings install in 2 to 4 days, but you can also choose the polyaspartic polyurea coatings that have the same features as the epoxy coatings but can be installed in less than a day.
Whether you have a single car garage for the family car, a spacious showroom of a garage to show off your car collection, or a garage that fills many needs for your home and family, there are many garage flooring options to suit your needs.

by Dreamcoat Flooring Blog