High Build Epoxy Floors for Airport Hangars

High Build Epoxy Floors for Airport Hangars

From protecting the most delicate, sensitive, and valuable machines to facing chemical spills and increased foot traffic, airport hangars shoulder a huge tremendous burden that typical garages will never deal with.  Airport hangar floors must not be overlooked and need the very best flooring available to prevent destruction and minimize severe damages. Learn below why epoxy airport hangar floor coating is the best commercial epoxy floor coatings available.


Unlike other commercial spaces, the concrete in an aircraft hangar is subjected to various factors that can damage the concrete substrate if there is no suitable protective coating. So, it is essential to ensure that the floor you choose is robust and durable. Choosing commercial epoxy floor coatings for airport hangars works the best as it requires less maintenance and can last a lifetime.

Resistance to Harmful Chemicals

The airport hangar floor is exposed to various chemical compounds such as hydraulic fluids, lubricants, and more when dealing with the servicing of an aircraft. Epoxy concrete coatings are resistant to both the short and long-term effects of exposure to all the various chemicals that will be used onsite. Unlike traditional concrete floors, they do not absorb harmful chemicals and do not cause a safety hazard to maintenance workers.

Free From Cracks and Damages

Floor issues happen frequently in airport hangars because of the heavy tools and chemicals that frequently fall on concrete floors and these cause cracks or large dents in the floor. When you install epoxy commercial concrete floor coatings, the concrete foundation is protected and can be repaired easily if they are damaged.

Slip Resistance

Epoxy coatings for Airport hangars can help with abrasion and slip resistance.  They will reduce the chance of airplane tires skidding or work injuries

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