How to Do a Garage Makeover the Right Way

Have you ever opened up your garage door and wondered how in the world you ever managed to acquire so much stuff? This is the one place most people put unused household items, even if they would be better off selling or getting rid of them. Rather than being a room where one can park their vehicle, work on projects or store needed tools and equipment, a vast number of garages become neglected catch-alls. If you are tired of seeing the clutter and want to make your garage clean and organized like it was when you moved in, take the time to do the job right the first time. It is all too easy (and common) for cleanup projects to fall short soon after they begin. After a few minutes of sifting through boxes and attempting to sort through the seeming madness, homeowners end up giving up and putting everything they can get their hands on into the nearest container.

While throwing stuff in a box, sealing it up and calling it good may seem to provide a sense of accomplishment, such feelings are short-lived. Remember, there will come a time when you actually need to use one of those items, and retrieving it will not be easy. Do yourself a favor; save the time and hassle by going about the job correctly from the onset. Patience, due diligence and a little bit of help can go a long way.

By following a few simple tips and investing in a couple garage-makeover must haves, yours is bound to be looking better than ever in no time at all. Who knows, you may be surprised at what you come across. Some homeowners go years without cleaning their garages; you can likely turn a profit by selling your valuables. Nothing cleans out a cluttered space better than a yard or garage sale!

3 Tips for a Garage Makeover

  • 1. Have a plan of attack; before you start traversing through those mountains of boxes, take a few moments to write down what needs to be done. If you are really serious about getting organized, take this a step further by drawing up a custom blueprint. Knowing how you want your garage to look and where you want everything to be beforehand will help speed the process along and prevent you from running into road blocks.
  • 2. Install custom shelving and overhead storage; make the most of your garage’s space by utilizing the not so obvious square footage. There are many companies that specialize in providing dedicated storage solutions. Another great idea for people who have multiple vehicles and limited space is to invest in a car lift. These hydraulic suspension systems are industrial grade and factory weighted to raise and lower thousands of pounds with ease. You can literally instantly double the amount of room needed for your automobiles by going this route.
  • 3. Commit to getting rid of the things you don’t need; people get into trouble when they refuse to throw stuff away. There is really no point in organizing when all you are doing is rearranging the clutter that is already there. Honestly, will you ever wear that jersey from your high school days or those shoes from five years ago? Chances are the answer is no, but we are sure there is someone around town who would be more than willing to spend a few bucks on them!
by Dreamcoat Flooring Blog