Garage Floor Coating

How to Get the Best Deal on Garage Floor Coating

You've come to understand the benefits of garage floor coating. You've decided this is a good move for your next home improvement project.  Now you want to save money, and get service as quickly as possible. Not a problem. We've got three pro tips to help you out.

Pro-Tip #1: Schedule Service in the Summer

In our service area the sweltering summer months slow business to a crawl. As temperatures skyrocket to 110 degrees the snowbirds go home and many people just feel too sluggish to get anything done at all.

With our calendar clear we can tackle projects fast. This is a boon for people who are scheduling service in the hopes of updating rental properties they need to fill up fast, but it's also helpful to the individual homeowner who wants to save a bundle. You can save as much as a few hundred dollars by choosing the summer months.

Pro-Tip #2: Clean Out Your Garage in the Winter

One reason people don't like to schedule service in the summer is the ordeal of cleaning out one's garage to get it done. Many people have messy, cluttered garages before they invest in floor coating. It's a mindset thing: an unfinished garage is nothing special but has plenty of space, making it the perfect breeding ground for clutter.

Take a big job, stick it in summer's heat and you're asking for a miserable time.

Instead, prepare for a summer floor coating by tackling your garage in one of the cooler, monsoon days, or evening. Not only will you be cooler and more comfortable, but you will have the time to divide the project into stages. Before you know it you will have sold, given away, or put away everything in there without driving yourself insane.

Depending on how messy your garage is, twenty minutes to an hour of focused cleaning effort may be all it takes. Pick a spot that's bugging you and tackle it, then move on to the next.

Pro-Tip #3: Use Our Web Discount

Finally, you just have to pay a little bit of attention to save some money on your garage floor coating. If you complete this form we'll knock $100 off the price right away. Every little bit helps, and if you take advantage of all these pro tips the savings will add up.

Don't let your budget get in the way of experiencing all the advantages of professional garage floor coatings. Contact us today at 480-818-9792 to get your free estimate, and start planning for your project.