How to Paint a Garage Floor

Your garage is an extension of your home. It makes sense to keep is sparkling clean and in good shape as often a garage can be put a lot more uses that just keeping cars. There are a couple of ways to make your garage look well organized and clean. Off them, the two easiest ways are to build in racks and shelves to hold stuff, so that things do not lie all around the garage floor. The second is to paint the garage floor and give it a look, rather than keep it grey or colorless as in plain concrete.

Choose the right epoxy paint:

The most popular and sought after paint is epoxy-based concrete garage floor paint. Epoxy paint has many advantages to begin with, it is water and stain proof and is extremely easy to clean and maintain.

Technique to use for painting garage floor:

You will need:

Floor Cleaner
Plastic Sheeting and Tape
Epoxy Paint Garage Floor Kit
Paint Rollers with Extension Handles
Paint Tray and Liners

1. Choose the RIGHT day for this big job

Make sure you choose a day that is dry and the temperature is roughly around 50 -80 degrees Fahrenheit. Higher temperature will cause your efforts to go in waste as the paint will start to peel off. Also make sure you can devote at least two days at a stretch to paint the floor. The paint takes more than 24 hours to set in and needs work even after that. Now make sure that your garage is dry and is not wet at any cost.

2. Clean up the garage

  • The next and the most important step is to clean and prepare your garage floor before you start painting. Remove all the imperfections so that the garage floor looks extremely leveled. To apply the paint effectively, make sure the floor is immaculately clean and free from any dust or dirt. If your garage floor has undulations, or cracks and chips, fill them up with concrete and level it. The more level, the better the epoxy will look!
  • Once this is done hose out your entire garage floor. Remove the existing stains and dirt thoroughly. Use the cleansing solution that comes with the floor paint and use a heavy duty broom to scrub the floors clean. Once that is done apply tape and plastic sheets to the edge of the floor so that the garage paints don’t spread onto the walls.

3. Apply the Epoxy Paint
Once the floor is ready mix the epoxy paint and hardener. Keep it in shade for about 30 minutes and let the mixture set completely before you can use them.

  • Once it is set, start painting the floor and try and complete it in two hours’ time. Use smaller and pointed paint brushes to paint the nook and corners and the edges to give it a complete and a well finished look. Roll on the paint in the bigger area with rollers to do a fast, yet a perfect paint job.
  • If you want your garage floor to look a little more colorful, shower it with color flakes. Once that is done let the paint set in without any disturbance. It takes anywhere between 24 – 48 hours.

4. Top It Off With a Clear Coat

  • Once the floor is dry, prepare the top coat with hardener. Blend it well and again let it settle for 30 minutes in the shade.
  • Once it is done, spread it on the floor.
  • Should you want an anti-skid surface, add the particles to them before spreading it out on the floor. The procedure is same as the paint application.

5. Wait

  • Finish of the job in two hours and wait till it becomes totally dry.

To Conclude:

Epoxy paint is inexpensive and if done right and with the correct products, epoxy will make your garage look clean and shiny.

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by Dreamcoat Flooring Blog