How to Remove Tire Marks

Tire Marks from concrete on garage floorsSome people may have noticed in their garages or on their driveways that they have some unsightly marks left by their, or some else’s, tires. They can be ugly and even irritating to see all the time, like a blemish on your home. You don’t need to live your entire life looking at those tire stains because they can be removed.

Depending on where they are, how long they have been there, and how thick the tire marks are can make all the difference when wanting to remove them. The marks left by tires are essentially pieces of the rubber that has come off and been grounded into the surface it sits on. For whatever reason this happened they likely irritate you and you want them gone.

How to Remove Tire Marks on Epoxy Coated Flooring

If you have an epoxy coated floor that is sealed this process will be much easier than if you don’t. Epoxy or vinyl coated surfaces are easier to clean than plain concrete or metal surfaces. Most of the time with coated surfaces you can get the tire marks out with some soap, water, and good old fashion scrubbing.

How to Remove Tire Marks on Non-Epoxy Coated Flooring

If you don’t have surfaces coated with epoxy or vinyl, or the stains just won’t come out, you can purchase a solvent that will help. Directions for the application of the solvent vary from product to product so make sure to read the instructions. For the most part this is breeze and by the end of the whole ordeal you’ll be removing the solvent with soap and water; very safe chemicals.

For those hard to remove tire stains on and non-epoxy coated floor, it may be easier to contact a professional who knows more about solvent use and specific surface coatings. Many professionals and companies who specialize in epoxy flooring and vinyl coating know the best way to get tire marks out and can provide the service to you.

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