Is It Worth It To Epoxy Garage Floor?

Is It Worth It To Epoxy Garage Floor?

Garage floors are the toughest of any other floors in your home, and that’s why Solvent based Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Installation is highly recommended. This gives your concrete floors a fresh new look and strengthens the surface while increasing the lifespan of the floors.

Why Choose Solvent Based Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings?

  • The Solvent Based garage floor epoxy phoenix Arizona protects your garage’s concrete from accruing stains, getting potholes,  chips, and nicks, and tire mark stains 
  • The garage floor is all prone to absorb brake fluid, oil, the transmission fluids from the vehicles, chipping, cracking, pitting, damage from water, chemicals, etc. With Solvent based Epoxy Garage Floor Coating, it will be easy to clean hence your garage stays in pristine condition.
  • A number of flooring color options are available, plus you can add a variety of colored chips or metallic pieces to shine up the aesthetic appeal of your garage.
  • The solvent based epoxy floor coating phoenix az are budget-friendly.

How to Transform Your Dull Garage Floors to Long-Last and Lively?

A garage floor is more than just a parking space. In Phoenix, we often use our garages to store stuff as well as showcase our cars!   The garage concrete to withstand the driving in and out of heavy vehicles, survive the weight of vehicles, etc. Your concrete flooring requires durable flooring as an epoxy coating, this is why it is essential to consult the epoxy flooring contractors phoenix Arizona.

  1. Preparing the Floor – Prepping up the surface is essential for proper adhesion while offering a durable floor. You can either use pressure washing, diamond grind or shot blast to prepare the concrete surface or old epoxy coating paints that are peeling.
  2. Cleaning the Surface – Use a pressure washer or sweep off any debris or dirt out of cracks. It’s also important to make sure the concrete surfaced is leveled since any type of dip or crack will not allow the new epoxy to adhere well.  Next, use a degreaser to wipe any blemishes and squeegee off any additional water. Now, the floor is ready to be diamond ground.
  3. Floor coating with Primer –Pour the primer on the floor and apply it evenly, and allow the surface to soak in for 1-2 hours. 
  4. Apply Epoxy – Evenly roll out the epoxy coating to avoid any roller marks and allow it to dry overnight and scrape off any chips that are not smooth on the floor.
  5. Apply industrial grade sealer: Finally, apply the polyaspartic top coat and evenly roll out to remove the lines and ensure an even coating. Then it’s important to keep off the garage floor until the epoxy is dry.   The hotter the weather, the shorter the time it takes to dry

It takes great expertise to change your boring garage into a space you love. Search out  garage floor repair contractors near me on the internet, and find the best professional service to do it for you!