Maintaining Your Epoxy Flooring

There are many people who have invested in epoxy coating their garage floors. Epoxy coated garage floors look great and tend to maintain their durability longer than non-coated floors. While the visual and physical benefits of this great treatment for your garage are apparent, maintaining them can be tricky at first.

Maintaining Sealed Epoxy Flooring

The two most general forms of epoxy coated floors are sealed and non-sealed. Most professional companies who install these coatings on your floors will use a professional grade sealant. What this essentially does is add an extra layer between the coating and the environment. To maintain a floor with sealant wiping up spills and stains with a rag or wash cloth usually does the trick. Sometimes a brush may be used to scrub some of the harder materials out, but it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Maintaining Non-Sealed Epoxy Flooring

If you have non-sealed epoxy coating on your floor you can still use the same materials to clean it, but you need to do it immediately. Allowing chemicals to sit on your floor may eventually stain the floor or lead to damage over time. If you need to scrub out chemicals, typical household detergent and water can help.

Sealed epoxy coated floors are very resistant to cracking, the sun’s rays, and chemical such as engine oil. The benefit to a sealed epoxy coated floor is that it simply requires that you wipe up stains. Unsealed floors require you wipe up stains when they occur to prevent staining.

by Dreamcoat Flooring Blog