Medical Grade Epoxy Flooring

Medical Grade Epoxy Flooring – An Ideal Flooring for the Healthcare Industry

Cleanliness and durability are the most challenging factors for medical flooring. The facility managers and designers must consider a wide range of factors before choosing flooring in the healthcare industry because a flooring system affects productivity, health, and overhead expenses related to compliance, and safety standards. The wrong choice can lead to getting fines or legal action. Moreover, patients and healthcare providers also depend on a safe and hygienic flooring system that minimizes the spread of harmful bacteria. With medical-grade epoxy flooring, you will be getting a high-performance, low-maintenance medical flooring system that improves the safety of the healthcare facility.

The medical epoxy floor coatings should exhibit the following features to inhibit the spread of pathogens and the growth of micro-organisms.

  • Non-porous
  • Easy to maintain
  • Durability and longevity
  • Withstand heavy traffic and usage
  • East to clean
  • Easy to sanitize
  • Slip-resistant
  • High resistance to solvents, chemicals, and disinfectants,

Medical grade commercial epoxy flooring in Phoenix is often installed at:

  • Dental offices
  • Emergency Rooms
  • Hospitals
  • Medical Laboratories
  • Doctors’ Offices and Clinics
  • Pharmacies
  • Surgical Rooms

Why Medical Grade Epoxy Flooring?

  • Epoxy flooring is the strongest of the flooring systems and can withstand repetitive use under heavy equipment and machinery without cracking. It can support the traffic in a medical industry caused by wheeled apparatus and machinery.
  • Employees in medical facilities stand/walk up to 12 hours per day, and epoxy flooring can create a more comfortable type of floor.
  • It withstands harsh chemicals and rigorous sanitization procedures.
  • It is non-porous and creates a seamless surface that inhibits the growth and spread of pathogens and harmful bacteria.
  • It comes in a different range of colors and design patterns to meet the aesthetic needs of healthcare facilities.

Epoxy floor coatings are the best choices for medical facilities and provide unparalleled strength, durability, safety, and more. Our professionals can help you show you the benefits of epoxy flooring systems and provide you with a huge selection of example projects. If you are searching for the best ‘epoxy garage floor installers near me,’ check now.