Metallic Epoxy Floor Phoenix

Metallic Epoxy Floor Phoenix – Achieve an Exotic yet a High-Performance Finish

Among the limitless choices in concrete flooring, metallic epoxy floor in Phoenix has become popular for its unique look and color combinations. Unlike other flooring options, a metallic epoxy floor is specially formulated with a pearlescent pigment and has a smooth, glasslike finish with reflective sparkle. The appearance of metallic residential epoxy flooring in Phoenix is three dimensional to the human eye, and it resembles shimmery glitter paint or lightning strikes, depending on the option that you choose.

What Many Homeowners in Phoenix May Not Know About Metallic Epoxy?

Garage floor epoxy in Phoenix Arizona is tough and protects chipping of concrete against dropped tools, leaks, and oil spills, and more. Metallic epoxy coatings are a type of epoxy that we create using special, high-end products to create the sparkle you see. Although one of the most popular places in the home to install metallic epoxy coating is in the garage, it’s important to realize that the extra pearlescence that metallic floors offer requires more cleaning and upkeep to keep it looking new and shiny.

Metallic epoxy flooring can also be used for laundry rooms, and this coating protects the floor from water spills, humidity, detergent spills, and more, but needs more cleaning to keep the ongoing pearlescence. If you are looking to do less maintenance on your floors, homeowners may choose a multi-color or texture epoxy flooring for the kitchen where food spills and heavy foot traffic is a common concern, and so they do not have to worry about losing the metallic glossiness.

In many modern homes in Arizona, metallic residential epoxy flooring in Phoenix is used in living areas for its stylish and sleek look. Plus, adding a plush rug gives your floors a very chic look while saving you from spending thousands on recarpeting the whole room.

The Bottom Line

The metallic epoxy floor in Phoenix has become one of the most popular modern solutions for both residential and commercial businesses. There is a multitude of various design options and they make a beautiful addition to any space. Moreover, it transforms your plain flooring to a completely new level of design and functionality.