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Natural Wicker vs. Synthetic Wicker: What’s better For Your Patio?

When renovating your patio, selection of the right outdoor furniture sets can be daunting. The real challenge is making the choice between natural and synthetic wicker. In most of the cases, synthetic refers to fake, and Natural wicker refers to real. Synthetic is considered more suitable for outdoor purposes. And in fact, 99% buyers prefer synthetic wicker patio sets.

Before proceeding, it is also important to differentiate wicker from rattan because these terms are often used interchangeably. Rattan is a natural fiber whereas Wicker is a type of weave.

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What Is Natural Wicker?

Natural wicker is made from plant extracts. It was used for making baskets in the ancient Egypt. However, this material is largely susceptible to inclement weather elements like rain, freezing, sunshine, or humidity. It is mostly considered suitable for indoor use because the way the natural elements can impact it.. Hence, it should be avoided in the Phoenix outdoors where you need durable options like synthetic resins. They are made from the same process that is used for epoxy flooring.


synthetic wicker

What is Synthetic Wicker?

This type of wicker is made under a polymerization process that is similar to floor epoxy. It is an all-weather option that uses resins extracted from plants. These liquids can be permanently hardened. Synthetic wicker is an excellent option for outdoor daybeds, patio dining sets, and outdoor sectionals. Preferably, it is made on an aluminum frame in order to keep the furniture light in weight.



What Is The Difference Between Natural And Resin Wicker?

As previously mentioned, synthetic resin polymerized like floor epoxy is a durable wicker for patios. The organic type may wither because it becomes brittle and dry in the course of time.

However, natural wicker is vulnerable to pest infestation.

Synthetic resin can be used for both indoor and outdoor uses. And synthetic wicker is affordable and easy to maintain.


Which One Is Better?

In Arizona, the benefits and sustainability of wicker made from synthetic resins is clearly a winner here. It is the preferred outdoor applications, and natural organic wicker is better for indoors.

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