Planning Your Garage Cabinet System

You’ve spent hours, maybe even days working to clear things out of your garage, maybe even held a yard sale to make a few bucks on the items that still held value but you just didn’t need anymore and donated the rest of your things to a local charity.

You stand proudly in your garage knowing that the items you see that remain are meant to be here. And you are ready to put in those new garage cabinets that you’ve been dreaming about.


Organize Your Items

Now that you’ve put so much work and planning into what items you are going to store in your garage cabinets, it’s time to plan what types of garage cabinets you need to store those items. So let’s get started!

1. Group your items into like categories – your sporting equipment should all be in one area, while your holiday decorations are in another area. This is to help you more quickly locate the items you have stored in your garage cabinets.

2. Look at the size of the items you are storing. Your new snow skis and those fishing poles will need a tall cabinet, while those holiday reindeer will need a wider, but shorter space.

Ask yourself these questions:

Do you store your holiday lights in a shallow box or are there so many that you have several boxes?

Do you keep a toolbox in your garage?

Do you have basic power tools for small household needs?

Do you have a collection of serious power tools for more industrious projects?

Do you need a space to charge batteries for your tools?

And finally, are there other items that you plan to get that you don’t yet have in your garage?


Ok, You’re Ready to Plan the Cabinets!

Here’s where the fun begins. Taking into consideration the sizes and types of items that you are going to store in your garage cabinets, place those items on the floor in the space along the walls where your cabinets will be. You may have a space with items that are tall and will need a narrow, tall cabinet while other items will need a deeper cabinet. Think about the walk space you will also need between your cabinets and your cars.

Tools and lawn equipment vary in size. Small handheld tools may store best in a toolbox – will you want to put that toolbox on a shelf? How many toolboxes do you have? Tools for trimming bushes and saws are unique in size. A shallow wall unit with adjustable hooks and doors for easy access would store and organize those tools. Do you have an area of the garage that isn’t big enough for a larger cabinet? A shallow cabinet could go on that garage wall.

Helpful Tip: Measure the space that you will need to store items, and then double the measurement to give yourself room to expand!


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