May 14 2016
Acid Washed Concrete Flooring for Commercial Spaces & Phoenix Homes

Museum and Boutiques

Stained Concrete Floors You might not think about the concrete floor often, but your floors are one of the largest surfaces in  commercial space which means that it is a big project to consider. We just finished a recent museum project in Phoenix, and as you can see, their newly stained concrete floors made a dramatic difference …

May 14 2016
Coatings Metallic Epoxy

Retail & Office Flooring

Industrial Floor Coatings for Commercial Floors Here at Dreamcoat Flooring, we understand the importance of cost savings for your office or retail space while benefiting from lasting durability and low maintenance when it comes to your commercial stained concrete flooring options. Industrial and commercial floor coatings can help to increase the aesthetic appeal while accentuating …

May 14 2016
Industrial epoxy flooring for restaurants

Restaurant Kitchen Flooring

Commercial Kitchen Flooring Epoxy For over 15 years, Dreamcoat Flooring has been providing the Phoenix metro area with high quality epoxy flooring , stained concrete and metallic flooring for commercial kitchens and restaurant flooring. These highly durable coatings offer a multitude of benefits with a variety of flexible customization options allowing you to showcase your business style …