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Industrial Floor Coatings for Commercial Floors

Here at Dreamcoat Flooring, we understand the importance of cost savings for your office or retail space while benefiting from lasting durability and low maintenance when it comes to your commercial stained concrete flooring options. Industrial and commercial floor coatings can help to increase the aesthetic appeal while accentuating your business’s interior design by providing a unique look and elegant style.

Commercial Concrete Coatings Metallic EpoxyOur highly durable industrial epoxy floor coatings offer a wide variety of benefits which allow you to customize your retail or office space flooring into a work of art while increasing the overall look of the space, as well as, promoting positive customer perception and increased property values.

Commercial stained concrete flooring customizable options include your choice of 25 standard colors, 30+ metallic colors, and 14 quartz colors, giving you to ability to accommodate any existing or newly installed interior design



Benefits of  Industrial floor Coatings for your retail or office space:

  • Durability – With the proper surface preparation and application techniques, your commercial stained concrete flooring is resistant to wear and tear, ultraviolet light, fading, chipping, peeling, and fading.
  • Increased Indoor Air Quality – Industrial floor coatings can eliminate the 4 main sources of indoor air quality problems. These sources are Allergens, Retained moisture, Odors, and Volatile Organic Compounds.
  • Light Reflective due to the type of shine that can be customized for your building. A higher sheen will produce light reflectivity, which can bring in more light without adding electrical fixtures and lighting.
  • Low Maintenance and Chemical Resistant- Commercial stained concrete is very low maintenance compared to other materials. With just a little sweeping and mopping, your floors will keep its beauty and color for years to come. In especially high traffic areas, your stained concrete may need buffing or polishing from time to time.
  • Energy Savings – Because stained concrete flooring still has the ability to absorb, store, and release heat and coolness, your heating and cooling system won’t have to work as hard to control indoor temperature fluctuations.  Also, epoxies can add gloss to save you electricity.
  • Aesthetic Beauty – With proper design and installation, your industrial floor coatings mimic the look of higher-end materials including granite, marble, slate and more, allowing you to customize the overall look of your retail or office space flooring without the added costs.

The use of concrete flooring in commercial applications has stood the test of time, simply because of its durability, affordability and customization capabilities. Our highly trained and experienced professionals are committed to helping you achieve the flooring of your dreams…Discover the Dreamcoat Difference

Why Dreamcoat for your Commercial Floor?

Our professionals working hard to complete each and every project on time and on budget, working hard to earn your repeat business. We are happy to visit with you personally and take a survey of your office or retail space to discuss your unique flooring needs. We make sure to discuss the best industrial floor coatings and alternative options that will fit both your style and budget without sacrificing quality or final results.

Our technicians are fully licensed, insured, and bonded in Arizona. After more than 15 years in business, we still stand by our commitment to provide our customers in Phoenix and the surrounding areas with superior customer service and high-quality workmanship. We are excited to show you how we can transform your commercial concrete flooring into a beautiful artistic addition to your retail or office space.

Our experienced Dreamcoat Flooring specialist is standing by! To get started, please call: 480-818-9792, or use our online form to request your receive your free design & quote for your commercial concrete flooring and other industrial concrete coatings for your Phoenix metro retail or office space.