Sidewalk and Concrete Renovation & Repair

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Nothing ruins the beauty of your property quite like pitted, disintegrating and discolored concrete sidewalks, driveways, patios, and garage floors. Aged and battered concrete erodes your property value and signals a lack of pride in your home or business premises. An investment in the sidewalk and  driveway concrete restoration is well worth your effort, whether you are looking to sell or planning to stay.

We will transform your tired concrete with our affordable, durable concrete coatings, restoring it both aesthetically and functionally. Dreamcoat coatings add a safety element to help prevent falls and slips!

Untreated Sidewalks are Dangerous

Sidewalk and Concrete Renovation

Cracked, potholed sidewalks and driveways are a tripping hazard as well as being downright ugly, but there’s no need to go to the trouble (and expense!) of removing and replacing the concrete. Dreamcoat can fix your nasty walkways, patios and more, making them even more beautiful than the day they were poured.

Restore Your Sidewalks with Color

If you want to play up the design element and create a custom look for your concrete surfaces, ask us about color options and special finishes, you will be surprised at the range of solid and blended colors we offer

Rely on Us for High-Quality Sidewalk Restoration Services

The experienced technicians at Dreamcoat Flooring only use industrial-grade floor coatings of the highest quality, and we install with care, employing precise industry-specific techniques including meticulous preparation work to ensure the finest possible outcome. We are often called in to help ambitious DIYers (or less experienced companies) who discover that proper concrete restoration isn’t as easy as it looks. Do not be one of them so call us first!  You can trust that our work will look great, last, and be done by experts.


To learn more about our hard-wearing sidewalk and concrete restoration services, contact Dreamcoat online or call us at 480-226-4172 today.