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Stained Concrete Floors

You might not think about the concrete floor often, but your floors are one of the largest surfaces in  commercial space which means that it is a big project to consider. We just finished a recent museum project in Phoenix, and as you can see, their newly stained concrete floors made a dramatic difference for them!

Relocating or moving into a brand new location?

If moving into a new location this is the best time to think in advance of what you want your dream floors to look like.   It is much less expensive and laborious to improve your concrete floors before move-in.  And our stained concrete or epoxy floor coatings often dramatically improve the practicality and beauty!


Prefer to save and revitalize the concrete?

Or maybe, your flooring is looking dated, or is a hazard due to cracks and unleveling, and it is in desperate need of concrete repair or resurfacing.   If so, our years of experience in staining concrete will come in handy to make process as easy and cost-effective  as possible.


Artistic Concrete Staining and Resurfacing for Existing Concrete Floors

We’ll work closely together with you to determine the best choice for your situation, taking into consideration maintenance, durability and cost. For existing businesses with concrete floors, epoxy flooring isn’t always the best option. If your property already has a concrete floor, we will  discuss concrete staining using our very popular acid staining process; or resurfacing options. Whether installing epoxy flooring, newly stained concrete or repairing a concrete floor is the best option,  will depend on the concrete’s condition and your desired look.


To get started, please call: 480-818-9792, or use our online form to request your free design & quote for your commercial concrete flooring and other industrial concrete coatings for your Phoenix metro retail or office space.