Resurfacing/Repairing the Garage Floor

Resurfaced Garage FloorYour garage floor bears the wrath of your vehicle every day at a stretch. You perhaps lose count of the fact as to how many times does the vehicle goes in and out, and in doing so it does a little more damage to the garage floor every day, every moment. The garage is a very important extension of your house. With that as a moot point, most of the residents in single family homes use the garage as a storage place with proper shelving. Some may also use it as a makeshift workspace.

Therefore, it is all the more necessary to resurface and repair your garage floor once in a few years, to maintain it from depreciating much beyond repair.

Steps to a Beautiful Garage Floor:

1. Our flooring professionals will evaluate your garage floor.

2. Next, we make sure to clean the garage floor from all the muck and the dirt from vehicle tires. Also, any old paint or grit is scraped away that may be sticking to the floor.

3. We will wash the floor thoroughly with soapy water to make sure it is squeaky clean. The garage floor needs to be completely dry before the coating can be applied. It is either air dried or manually squeeze dried or wiped.

4. Once the floor is dry, our flooring professionals make sure to fill in concrete or any holes that may be on the floor. This is done to ensure the floor is leveled and that there are no undulations on the floor. This is necessary to spread the chemical effectively on the floor and for it to stick.

5. Next, the coating is mixed – epoxy or otherwise – for the garage floor. It needs to settle after being mixed and then it can be spread on the floor. We carefully apply the chemical to the garage floor making sure to cover the entire area.

6. Once the entire coating has been put on, the floor is left to dry for twenty four to forty eight hours. Do not put any kind of pressure on the floor and keep it out of bounds till it completely dries up. If you live in a humid area, externals aids like pedestal fans will be used to help dry the floor.

Sure enough professionally resurfacing the garage floor will give a complete new look to your garage.

by Dreamcoat Flooring Blog