Secure Your Garage

With the change of weather and the holiday season around the corner, this is just the perfect time when you would likely to be out of home as much as possible. It is also reason enough to have your home secured and safe while you are out and away.

The garage is the one location that has been determined to be a weak spot when it comes to the safety of a home. More often than not, in a huff and puff you are more than likely to leave your garage door open or not secured well enough. The result could be catastrophic.

secure your garage

Prevent Break Ins, Secure Your Garage

So, how would one prevent a break in? What are the best ways to secure your garage?

  • Instead of having a keypad placed around the garage door that you can access once you get home, you can have a remote controlled opener installed in your car. This makes it safer as one can’t access the lock in procedure in your garage.
  • If your garage door comes with a built in lock, make sure to lock it before you leave your home. On the other hand, if you have a sectional door placed on tracks, you can put a C-clamp on both tracks above the door to prevent it from being tampered with.
  • Some garages have multiple windows to let light in. Make sure to cover the windows inside so that an intruder cannot see through the door. It also helps to maintain privacy effectively.
  • Change the older door openers with the more modern mechanisms. A rolling code lock is not easy to decode and secures the garage tightly. Keep the code lock in a safe spot that is not easy enough to notice.
  • Last but not the least, have the garage covered under the alarm system. Should you need to be away from a prolonged period, the garage as well as your home would be well protected.
by Dreamcoat Flooring Blog