Kitchen Concrete Countertops

Showcase Your Unique Style with Stained Concrete Countertops

Concrete staining works well on floors! But it doesn’t mean that floors are the only part of your home or building that can benefit from a design upgrade. Today, concrete countertops in Phoenix have become a trendy option among Phoenix homeowners for their flexibility to work well in a kitchen as well as help the environment.

Stained Concrete Countertops Are Unique

Concrete staining offers endless design options and can be great for a kitchen, bathroom countertop, or even the outdoor barbeque kitchen. Stained concrete has a unique color and style that can go with a rustic or modern style.  From a ‘natural stone’ look to a ‘richly veined marble’ look, an acid-washed countertop will definitely showcase your personal taste and style. Stained concrete can make a space stand out. Acid staining the concrete provides a textured yet professional look to concrete countertops.

The Stained Concrete Process

The acid staining process (also known as acid washing) is done on your concrete countertop only after it i cured. Your concrete countertop must be thoroughly cleaned and prepped before staining. If your countertop is already in use for some time, slight sanding or grinding is necessary (a reputable Phoenix concrete staining contractor will do this). Once the staining process is complete, the concrete is sealed to create a non-porous surface. With proper installation and care, your stained concrete countertops can last for more than 20 years.

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