Patching Concrete Flooring in Garage

4 Steps to take to patch your garage concrete flooring

Garage Concrete Flooring Repair

Your garage concrete flooring needs repair? Or is  heat and lots of use causing damage to your garage floor concrete?

No matter what issues plague your garage floor, repairs are necessary to prevent further (and more costly) damages from occurring. Pitting and other issues with your concrete can seem like an intimidating repair, but with the proper understanding, these can be a breeze. Here are the 4 steps to take when patching your concrete:

Step 1: The first thing you want to do is adequately prepare your surface. This means, you’ll want to remove any staining, waxes, and sealers you may have. This can be done by mechanical or chemical methods.

Step 2: Once you have a bare surface, you’re going to want to remove all loose and broken concrete by using a hammer and chisel. You also want to firmly tap the concrete in various places while listening for hollow sounds. This can indicate hidden damages just under the surface. Without this step, you can expect more repairs to be needed in the future.

Step 3: Now here comes the fun part. Sweeping and vacuuming. Make sure that all dust and debris are removed from your surface completely. The more you remove, the less imperfections you will see in your final surface.

Step 4: It’s time now to repair the damages you found in the initial steps. There are two main types of products to use:

  • Top Grade Epoxy Coating for Garage Flooring: This is crucial for flooring that will be painted, or epoxy coated,- and under heavy use! Due to the demand of the elements, it’s best to use an industrial based epoxy product for your garage floor repairs, with exception to very large areas. For these cases, using a 1005 epoxy concrete patch with a sand aggregate is generally recommended. This product can fill larger holes and can be smoothed over with a trowel.
  • Polymer-modified cement – This product is a combination of Portland cement, sand aggregate and polymers. These products are super easy to work with, and bond much better than a standard mix of concrete. This is a great choice for deeper pitting, broken edges and any other area which may need to be shaped.

And you are done!  It can be that simple, however, many DIY homeowners do not spend the correct amount of time or use the best products so the patching doesn’t look good or last long-term.  And it goes without saying that it’s always best to consult with a top rated concrete coating contractor, such as your Dreamcoat Flooring team before you begin your project. We can help to keep your initial costs down, and prevent improper techniques that can potentially cause further damages to your garage!   Contact us if interested in a free, in-home quote.