Jun 10 2020
Is It Worth It To Epoxy Garage Floor?

Is It Worth It To Epoxy Garage Floor?

Garage floors are the toughest of any other floors in your home, and that’s why Solvent based Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Installation is highly recommended. This gives your concrete floors a fresh new look and strengthens the surface while increasing the lifespan of the floors. Why Choose Solvent Based Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings? The Solvent Based …

May 23 2020

Why Choose Custom Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings?

Are you looking to refurbish your outdated garage flooring or thinking of re-sealing the concrete surface to get ride of skidmarks or chips? Custom epoxy garage flooring can revitalize your garage floors! If you have probably noticed as you walk around your neighborhood during the COVID epidemic, you probably are noticing some lovely driveways and …

Aug 18 2017
epoxy garage floor coatings

Why Should You Invest in Epoxy Flooring?

Commercial Flooring Options One of the most important parts of any commercial or residential complex is its flooring. No matter if it’s a commercial floor, club, warehouse, school, restaurant, garage or store, sound flooring enhances the overall ambiance and safety of the place. A building with beautiful aesthetics projects an inviting aura that everyone is …