The Best Method to Clean Epoxy Floor

Now that you have had your garage floor coated with an attractive epoxy surface, it is clear that you were tired of endlessly scrubbing out oil stains from your previously bland concrete surface. Porous concrete will always be difficult to keep presentable, which means you made the right choice! Although epoxy coated floors are attractive and weather sealed, they do require routine cleaning.

Here is the Best Method to Clean Epoxy Floor:

You will need a few supplies before you begin cleaning epoxy floor: a broom, bucket, access to water, a specialized epoxy cleaning detergent, a mop, soft bristled brush, and a large squeegee with a long handle.

Epoxy floors should be swept often to remove dust and other particles which may scratch the surface, causing the epoxy to lose its attractive appearance and weather seal. You should always begin cleaning epoxy floor by sweeping the surface thoroughly, and using an industrial-grade vacuum (if you have one) to remove excess debris if you feel that it is necessary.

Mix the cleaning detergent with water as directed and generously apply to the surface with your mop. Scrub the surface with your brush as needed to remove oil stains. Mop the floor with plain water to dilute the applied detergent, and spray down the surface with a garden hose. Finally, use your squeegee to pull the water off of the epoxy to eliminate streaking.

The process of cleaning epoxy floor may take several hours, but is necessary to the longevity of the treatment’s attractiveness and weather seal. Do your best to thoroughly clean your epoxy floor at least every three months.

by Dreamcoat Flooring Blog