The Cons of DIY Epoxy Garage Coatings


Garage Epoxy Floor Coating  Kits

Having epoxy coatings applied to your bare concrete floors not only increases the “wow” factor of your space, but they can also add to the value of your home. Epoxy floor coatings have become very popular over the last several years, and you can now buy a DIY kit at most major retail paint centers. The kits are reasonably priced and promise to make your concrete floors look beautiful.

“The two most significant differences in a DIY versus a professional epoxy application are surface preparation and product quality.

Epoxy Coatings Installation

Preparing your Garage Floor

DIY kits contain a diluted acid wash that is designed to clean your concrete floor and prepare it to accept the epoxy coating. Successful epoxy applications require the concrete surfaces to be clean of any foreign matter – such as oil spills, grease or simply dirt. It also requires that the pores of the concrete are opened. Concrete is by nature, a porous material and those pores can become clogged and filled over time. The acid wash in the DIY kits does a minimal job at opening the pores.

The best way to open the pores of a concrete surface is to remove the first few microns of the surface by diamond grinding. Dreamcoat Flooring diamond grinds your concrete before epoxy application making your concrete surface as porous as it was on the first day it was poured. Open pores allow the epoxy to soak in and bond securely to the concrete. Without a porous surface, the epoxy will just lay on top of the concrete and will be prone to chipping and flaking.

DIY vs Professional Coating Quality Differences

The differences between a commercial grade epoxy coating and the stuff the home centers sell are night and day. A typical DIY product will have about 30% solid content that produces a thinned out and brittle finish. Part of the reason for the low solid content is cost, but the other is workability. The less solid content in the product, the longer it will stay liquid, this makes it easier for the homeowner to apply.

A professional product has a 90% or higher solid content. It produces a much more durable coating that will stand up to abuse, like dropping tools. The coating end ups being up to five times as thick.

Epoxy Additives and Colors

The epoxy floor coating products from home centers are very limited in their color and flake selection. At Dreamcoat Flooring, we have a broad spectrum of color choices and flakes that will make your project look unique and appealing.

Why Choosing a Epoxy Contractor May Be better

In the end, a professional application will ALWAYS outlast a DIY application by years, and there will be no need for constant maintenance and “touch-ups.” A Dreamcoat Flooring epoxy coating should only need a fresh, clear topcoat every five years (the Arizona sun and heat is a major contributor to why sealings are so crucial here in Phoenix).  The sealings and topcoats are a small fraction of the original cost of the application.

Whether you need a two-car garage coated or an airplane hangar, Dreamcoat Flooring is your professional resource to get the job done right, the first time. Please contact us today for your free in-person quotes for your floor coating project!


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