The Warning Signs of a Garage Foundation Going Bad

cracked garage foundationQuite similarly to the foundation of a patio or driveway becoming damaged over time, garage foundations are also vulnerable to changing conditions. The cause of a garage foundation going bad can vary between poor construction, tree roots, or a gradual change in soil compression beneath the foundation. Most home owners have no control over how their garage foundations are constructed, or how the elements affect them, but they can hire a professional to fix the problem properly. Here are a few warnings signs to look out for which will help you know if your garage foundation is going bad.

Your Garage Foundations is Going Bad if:

  • Cracks in the foundation are a clear sign that it is going bad. Some cracks may be very small, while others are large and extend across the length or width of the floor.
  • Uneven areas on the garage floor are a strong indicator that a tree’s roots are likely growing beneath the foundation and are forcing certain areas of the concrete to be raised above its intended height.
  • Cracked walls also indicate that the garage foundation has been damaged. You may notice large cracks along the floor which lead to cracks on the wall in the same area.

Solution: Dreamcoat Flooring specializes in repairing damaged foundations to a strong condition which is guaranteed to last. Dreamcoat Flooring will also add an attractive epoxy coating of your choice to reduce the chance of damage from leaking oil or water to the surface.

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