Concrete Solutions for Patios

Tips for Choosing the right floor for your Patio

Concrete and cement “make the modern world possible,” says The Atlantic Monthly. Here in the U.S., the one thing we consume the most of is water. The second thing? Cement. And now, form and function, meet beauty: Concrete for patios is a standard material, and today’s epoxy and Dreamcoat Flooring’s concrete coatings for patios are raising the bar.


Concrete Solutions for Patios

Concrete Solutions for Patios

Spring and summer are the seasons for home improvements. It doesn’t matter that our fall and winter seasons are, weather-wise, very much like spring and summer. It’s an attitude. We take more time to be outside in the summer. It just makes sense to surround yourself with pleasing aesthetics, but there’s a common-sense side to applying acid stains or epoxy concrete coatings for patios: Your property value will increase with either of these two solutions for your outdoor spaces




1) Concrete Acid Staining to create a unique look on your patio 

Outdoor Concrete Solutions by Dreamcoat Flooring

Acid concrete staining can look very modern and appealing, but even with a good sealant, it may not provide the protection you’ll get with epoxy coatings on patios. Still, stained concrete can be an attractive solution if you are looking for a creative non-uniform look as well as bringing the unique concrete look into your place.  You’ll see concrete staining on floors at retail/commercial businesses, garages; some Phoenix-area homes even have acid concrete stained kitchen countertops.


2) Patio & Deck Epoxy Coatings

When people finally get tired of cracking, ugly concrete or do not want the look of stained concrete, epoxy concrete coatings are the most popular choice for residences and commercial businesses.  Their popularity here in Phoenix is due to the uniform design, color and texture we can create and build, , but also because of the cooling effect it can have on your outdoor space.  Even with summers here being so hot, most people still want to be able to use their outdoor grill, swim in their pool or hang out by garden – and our epoxy coatings will help with that!


What Took Us So Long?

For years, concrete coatings were used for industrial settings, car showrooms…many business and commercial settings except residences. because this type of flooring is more durable, fades less, does not get affected as much by our hot AZ UV rays, and look good for many, many years.


“Compared to other adhesives, polyurea epoxies are more heat and chemical resistant,” says MuscleGloss.* “Today, epoxy has emerged as a residential material. Homeowners love epoxy flooring because it is long-lasting, easy to clean, and practically scratch-proof…epoxies have emerged as the best available epoxy flooring material available on the market”


What exactly is an Epoxy Floor: 

There are two main components in epoxy floor coating: resins and hardeners. Together, they form a very strong, rigid plastic material at least 2 millimeters thick. Coatings for patios shouldn’t fade or yellow if you use a specialized bond coating. You can also use a staining or patterning that masks yellowing over the years.

It took Americans awhile, but now we are designing and installing these trendy floor coverings everywhere, especially here in Phoenix. Homeowners want better aesthetics and longer-lasting beauty, so a Dreamcoat Flooring patio epoxy floor is perfect! They’re also easy to clean and almost maintenance-free – all you do, is have to take care of your pool and landscaping.But In addition to homes, commercial applications such as clinics, hospitals and medical facilities prefer our industrial grade epoxy for its bacteria-resistant properties, cost savings and durability.

Extra Safety: If you are often shouting, “No running around the pool!” from your patio or house, you know the danger kids are exposed to around the wet and slick pool concrete.  Many customers will choose flooring with extra texture or chopped up designs to give the flooring better traction which will make it safer for both the kids and adults.


Cost for a new Patio Floor Coating/Staining 

A basic epoxy floor such as a solid color is fairly inexpensive for us to create and install over your existing concrete.  But most often, people want something more than just “basic epoxy”. An epoxy floor with several colored vinyl chip/flakes will cost more (which is similar pricing to stained concrete prices).  Our typical epoxy patio floor (designed and installed) costs from $2.05 per sq. to $4.50 a square foot. 

One of our specialties which we love doing is doing custom epoxy floor creations such as checkered boards or special color matching. We price these as a individual projects, since these types of floor will often cost more due to the extra labor or special colors. The wonderful part about a custom Dreamcoat Floor is the beauty and uniqueness it adds to the look of the backyard or garage, as well as the increase in home value.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

-Eleanor Roosevelt


Add some summer spice to your space NOW

Look at some of our concrete coatings examples, by clicking here, or look at some of the options below. Customers say our work is art! It looks expensive, but we try are not interested in growing rapidly to keep our overhead lower and keep up our quality and reasonable pricing.,

epoxy floor color options

14 quartz colors
25 standard colors
30+ metallic colors


Why choose Us: 

Every job includes a final Quality Check inspection by John Maloney to ensure we deliver superior results. We’ve been here over 20 years in Phoenix area, and our business has been built on dependability, service, and trust– and you’ll see how Dreamcoat Flooring, LLC is a 5-star, top-rated company .

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*Dreamcoat Flooring, Ltd. does not recommend any epoxy painting products nor endorse DIY (do-it-yourself) epoxy flooring kits supplied by hardware stores, online epoxy supply stores, or big box stores because of the variables involved in self-application, and quality of these grades of product.