Types of Garage Door Openers

Types of Garage Door Openers

garage door openersAnyone who has a garage knows that a good opener is important for convenience and safety. While many people may choose bargain models, it is often overlooked that specific types are designed to work with different weights and types of garage doors. Keep reading to find out about which type of garage door opener is appropriate for your garage.

The 3 Types of Garage Door Openers

There are three types of garage door openers which work well, but operate through different mechanisms:

1. Screw Drive Openers
Screw drive openers are an ideal choice for anyone who has a heavy, single piece garage door. These openers have a threaded screw which pulls the door along the track.

2. Chain Drive Openers
This type of opener is the most popular among most home owners because they are powerful and easy to maintain. They operate by a long chain that pulls the door open. Although they are loud, chain drive openers are a great choice for anyone who has a wide and heavy garage door.

3. Belt Drive Openers
Belt driven openers work by using a long belt to pull the door open. These garage door openers are a great option for anyone who wants their garage to be opened quietly.

Things to consider:

  • Each of these types of openers will work well, but it is very important to choose a model that operates with enough power to successfully and safely open your garage door.
  • Make a point of choosing an opener that works with sensors to help prevent accidents and injuries.

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